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Patient Information Center

Step into empowerment at our Patient Information Center. Immerse yourself in our client handbook, navigate intake forms, and explore transparent grievance procedures. This centralized resource ensures you have essential information, fostering confidence and understanding for a seamless and enriching experience with our compassionate team

Child Counselor
Service Referral Form

Streamlines the process of connecting individuals with our specialized services, providing a convenient avenue for initiating supportive care.

Reading a Digital Book
Onboarding Packet

Serves as a comprehensive guide, equipping individuals with the necessary tools and information to initiate their therapeutic journey with Championed Minds in a seamless and informed manner.

Reading Braille
Client Grievance Form

Serves as a confidential channel for individuals to express concerns or provide feedback, reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring every client's voice is heard and valued.

Therapy Session
Satisfaction Survey

 A valuable tool that invites individuals to share their experiences and feedback, empowering us to continually enhance our services and ensure that each client's journey is reflective of their unique needs and expectations.

Therapy Closeup
Guide to Our Services

Acts as an essential compass, providing vital insights into our services, policies, and resources, ensuring clients navigate their mental health journey with clarity and confidence.

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